Friday, March 3, 2017


In cleaning and sorting through boxes stored in cubbyholes, I came upon one of my first old dolls, circa 1961 or so. It's soft rubber, and still in good condition. It's a drink-and-wet doll, and it used to squeak.  I see no name on it anywhere.  Can anyone give me any information about it?

Looks like I need to make some doll clothes!


  1. Any marks on neck or back? Looks like Eegee or Horsman to me.

  2. She looks like possibly a Tiny Tears. I had one in the mid-50s. Some came with the molded hair but mine had dark curls. I was not much into dolls in 1961 (late junior high), but I am aware of some of the dolls of that era because I had little sisters. I don't remember them having a drink and wet doll other than a Tiny Tears. I do remember a Baby Alive doll, but you fed her "baby food" that came with her. That doll was someone's bad idea. After awhile without constant cleansing, the doll smelled really bad.